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TLC Book Bites: Writing Advice with Kate Sawyer

September 20, 2023 Two Lit Chicks - Julia Boggio Season 5
Two Lit Chicks
TLC Book Bites: Writing Advice with Kate Sawyer
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This episode is sponsored by REEDSY.

Kate Sawyer, author of The Stranding and This Family, shares her top writing advice for authors.

Find Kate on Instagram: @MsKateSawyer
Kate Sawyer website

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Reedsy is a publishing eco-system for writers at any stage in their publishing journey. We provide a wealth of free educational resources, encourage writers to build a creative habit with our short story contest, and offer a high-quality marketplace to find the perfect publishing professional. We’re here to support aspiring authors every step of the way as they fulfil their publishing dreams.

Check out their new HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL course with author and bestselling ghostwriter, Tom Bromley. Next course starts on September 18.

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